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Family & Divorce Mediation

Many separating couples would like to come to an agreement about their children or financial affairs but find it difficult to do this constructively between themselves. Family Mediation can often be the solution to this problem and is often an excellent alternative to Court proceedings.

How does mediation work?

Mediation is a voluntary process which the Courts actively encourage.  You and your partner meet, together with a mediator, to discuss the issues between you.

The mediator encourages dialogue, helps to clarify issues and explore all the options available to you.  If an agreement can be reached, this can be recorded in a document which is not legally binding, although it can later be made legally binding if you wish.

Even though mediation does not involve the Courts, it is conducted within the framework of the law and therefore you and your partner are both expected to provide full details of your financial circumstances, supported by documentary evidence, when dealing with your financial affairs. Mediation can also be used to find a solution to issues that arise in relation to your children.

The process of mediation usually begins with the mediator speaking to both parties and arranging appointments for mediation to ensure that everyone involved understands the process.   A meeting normally takes place separately to determine whether mediation is appropriate and, if it is not, a form will be issued to allow either party to start court proceedings if they wish.

If your case is suitable for mediation, we will make the appropriate referral to local practitioners who have a great deal of experience in resolving problems via the mediation process.

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