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How Long Will It Take?

Typically there are three stages to the process:

Collecting the information and preparing the detailed list of assets, liabilities and gifts – this stage can typically take 8-12weeks (or longer for very complex estates or where the paperwork is incomplete). We are relying on the response times of other institutions, which can often take some time.

Preparing IHT forms and applying for probate –this stage can typically take 4-6 weeks but cannot be started until stage 1 is complete. It will take longer if inheritance tax is payable as we have to wait for HMRC to process paperwork.

Obtaining probate –Probate is normally granted 2 weeks after application.

Collecting and distributing the assets –This stage can typically take 8-12 weeks or longer if there is a property or a business. If there is a trust in the will, assets will be transferred to the trustees at this point. Partial distributions can also be made.