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Does My Will Have To Cover Every Possible Situation?

No. A Will should reflect your circumstances as they are now, not what they might be in the future. You should review your Will every five years or so, to make sure it is still appropriate for your circumstances.

Consider a review when there is a:-

  • Change in family relationships: if you have married, entered into a civil partnership, moved in with your partner, divorced, separated, had a civil partnership dissolved, been widowed or are a surviving civil partner.
  • Family Growth: if you have become a parent, grandparent, see your family grow, or children have entered your life through a new relationship.
  • Bereavement: if one of your main beneficiaries or someone named in your Will dies.
  • Significant Change in your Assets: sometimes it is necessary to review your Will if your assets change or increase significantly.
  • Or the Will no Longer reflects your Wishes: A Will should represent and communicate your wishes after you have died. If your Will no longer does this then you should up date it.